Social Security Office Dallas TX

Morgan and Weisbrod handle Texas disability benefit cases. Our social security disability attorneys can help with denied benefit claims or disputes in Dallas, Houston and throughout Texas.The team of board-certified Texas disability lawyers at Morgan & Weisbrod specializes in Social Security Disability and can guide you through the application or appeals process. Abogados con experiencia en descapacidad del Seguro Social.

Losing your ability to work due to an illness, condition, or serious injury can leave you feeling depressed, useless, overwhelmed, and powerless. The inability to provide for yourself or your family can feel even more frightening.

While the Social Security Disability insurance program is in place to help support Americans who can no longer work because of a disease or accident, it can often be a difficult and complex road for those seeking benefits - even those who are clearly unable to continue their jobs. Applications for disability benefits can be denied for merely technical reasons, and the appeals process can prove complicated and hard to understand to those unfamiliar with disability law.

If you are putting together an initial application for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), an experienced and knowledgeable disability benefits attorney can help ensure that you have the best chance of receiving the benefits that you deserve.

The one law firm in Texas that only handles disability benefits cases
At Morgan & Weisbrod, we specialize in disability cases. With offices in Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston, we have more board-certified Social Security Disability attorneys than any other firm in the nation, and we only take on clients seeking disability benefits. Very simply, we know disability law and the steps to take to get you benefits. With a thirty-year history and over eight decades of combined legal experience, we have helped hundreds of disabled Texans secure disability money after they were no longer able to work.

Carl M. WeisbrodWe have helped clients secure benefits at every level of the process outlined by the Social Security Administration (SSA), from the initial application to all four levels of state appeal to Federal Court Appeals. Also, we only charge our clients if they win their disability claims.

We give your claim the time and attention it deserves - and get results.
We understand that the way to successfully win Social Security Disability claims is to understand our clients and their conditions. What does this mean for the people with whom we work? We take the time to answer questions, talk to you in person or on the phone, and get to know your story.

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The big benefits decision  — InvestmentNews
People whose full retirement age is 66 but begin collecting Social Security benefits at 62 collect just 75% of the benefits they would receive at 66.

Gary Calligas: What is the best time to start receiving Social Security ..  — Shreveport Times
Finally, I have heard many adults comment they are going to start taking Social Security benefits at 62 so they can also start receiving Medicare health care benefits. Medicare benefits begin at age 65, regardless of when you begin drawing Social Security.

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