Social Security maximum benefits

maximum-social-security-benefitsThese benefit increases represent equivalent benefits when utilizing various strategies.

More than 90% of Social Security recipients leave money on the table. Our professional advisors can help you to “Make a Plan” to take control and to maximize your Social Security benefits.

  • Resource Consultation Package
  • $249one time fee
  • Review Your Social Security Earnings
  • Develop a strategy for you
  • Answer Your Social Security Questions
  • Discuss Medicare
  • Follow Up Questions
  • Assistance with Applying Online
  • *more details below
  • Premier Consultation Package
  • $349one time fee
  • Same as Resource Consultation Package plus these features!
  • Calculate Your Breakeven Point
  • Complete discussion of Your Unique Issues
  • Compare Benefits Before and After Full Retirement Age
  • Determine When and How You Should Apply for Benefits
  • Identify Whose Account Your Benefits Should Be Based On
  • Review all options showing how to increase your monthly benefits by $150-$800
  • Learn how to incorporate “restricted application” and “claim and suspend” into your plan

Premier Consultation Package: $349

  • Review Your Social Security Earnings/Benefit Statement.
  • Calculate Your Breakeven Point.
  • Compare Social Security Benefits Before and After Full Retirement Age.
  • Determine When You Should Apply for Social Security Benefits.
  • Identify Whose Account Your Social Security Benefits Should Be Based On (self, spouse, ex-spouse, deceased spouse).
  • Complete review of your unique issues (divorce, widow, remarriage and child-related situations).
  • Review all Social Security options showing how to increase your monthly Social Security benefits by $150-$800 thereby maximizing your lifetime social security benefits. Options to discuss include “file and suspend” and “restrictive filing”. Also discuss preparing a protective filing statement.
  • Discuss Medicare, Parts A, B, C, D.
  • Assistance with Applying Online.
  • Follow Up Questions.

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Social Security has an online calculator here

by crazee_unchained

That shows you what your surviving spouse/kids get if you die this year.
I entered:
1998 to 2006: 30K to 100K income, increment 10K per year
2006 to 2011: 100K income
2012 and later: 90K income
Then I hit calculate. It shows benefits to:
Your surviving child: $968.00 / month
Spouse caring for child: $968.00 / month
Surviving spouse at retirement age: $1291.00 / month
Maximum of total family benefits: $2343.90 / month
Receiving a life-insurance payout does not affect your Social Security survivors' benefits.

BiblioGov Amend title II of Social Security Act to... exchange of credits between old-age, survivors and disability insurance and civil service retirement ... maximum benefits based on combined service.
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The big benefits decision  — InvestmentNews
People whose full retirement age is 66 but begin collecting Social Security benefits at 62 collect just 75% of the benefits they would receive at 66.

Gary Calligas: What is the best time to start receiving Social Security ..  — Shreveport Times
Finally, I have heard many adults comment they are going to start taking Social Security benefits at 62 so they can also start receiving Medicare health care benefits. Medicare benefits begin at age 65, regardless of when you begin drawing Social Security.

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