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Security MastheadIn 2013, there has not been a month without news of a major brand’s social media security crisis.

From Fortune 100 companies to some of the biggest news agencies in the world, no one has been exempt from social media security threats. Accounts have been hacked, altered and used to spread political and anti-corporate messages. Profiles and followers have been lost, brand images have taken a hit, and even the stock market took a brief tumble as a result of these security issues.

So what is the solution? As brands devote more time and effort to social media campaigns, what follows is a natural need to better educate themselves about the risks associated with using social. Once you understand them, you can take the necessary, but fairly simple steps needed to combat them.

The following is the first excerpt of a five-step guide that breaks the most common social media security challenges and provides simple solutions to reduce the risk of them coming to fruition within your company. This excerpt specifically looks at the need to educate and train employees regarding social media. Download the guide in its entirety below.

The challenge:

To fully take advantage of social media, your company needs to entrust employees in all departments to take part in the conversation. Honing in on the expertise of people in the finance, human resources, development, and even sales departments will add a lot in terms of quality and quantity of social messaging. But while those in charge of social media may know the ins and outs of the networks and how to use them securely, employees across the company may not be in the same position. A staff member unfamiliar with how to post, or someone who cannot see the signs of a suspicious link, email or social message, may act as the entryway for a hacker looking to gain access to your social assets.

The solution:

Educating employees about how to use social media tools helps ensure they are doing so securely.

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Social Networking Security Privacy
Social Networking Security Privacy

You can have success in MLM or social networking

by mentormark

If you realize that you are not going to get rich overnight and if you have a definite plan, you can not beat the security and lifestyle. It is the same in any sales job. You have to build your client base by meeting people and build ing relationships.
With Online MLM and social networking what took years to do now can be done in a matter of months.
There is nothing you can't do! All you have to do is do it!
Mark Maurer

New World Social Networking

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The dark side of global consciousness
(CNN) -- Three teens who were on a 69-name hit list posted on Facebook have been killed in the past 10 days in a southwestern Colombian town, officials say.
Police say they do not know who posted the list or why the names are on it.
"It is still not clear," Colombian national police spokesman Wilson Baquero told CNN. "This is part of the investigation."
But officials note that a criminal gang known as Los Rastrojos and a Marxist guerrilla group called the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia operate in the area

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