Social worker Child Protective Services

CPS childOur HOTLINE is a HELP Line ... We all need help taking care of our children. If you're concerned about a child's well-being, or want to report or discuss a possible abuse or neglect situation, or want advice, counseling, resources or help, please call:

City of Chesapeake's Child Protective Services Hotline: 757-382-2020

Abuse and neglect of children affects many people in the community. The abused or neglected child is the primary victim. Such maltreatment may lead to a variety of problems and disorders that may follow the child into adulthood.

CPS Man with BabyThe abusive or neglectful parents or caretakers suffer as well. Most of them do not want to hurt children but may be repeating the abusive behavior they experienced as children or may not have the skills needed for the very tough job of parent. Other family members, especially brothers and sisters of abused children, may exhibit emotional and behavioral problems as well, even though they are not the primary targets of abuse.

Finally, communities as a whole suffer. As abusive and neglectful acts touch lives in ever-widening circles, the potential for harm to the "fabric" of the community increases.

How do you recognize abuse and neglect?

The most commonly recognized types of abuse and neglect are physical abuse, physical neglect, emotional abuse, emotional neglect, and sexual abuse or exploitation. Signs of abuse and neglect include:

  1. A child with repeated injuries such as bruises, welts, or burns
  2. A child who is withdrawn, angry, depressed, aggressive
  3. A child who exhibits extremes in behavior, such as being excessively aggressive or being overly compliant; being afraid to go with a caretaker or clinging and not wanting to separate
  4. A child who is inadequately dressed for the weather, is malnourished, physically dirty, tired, or unsupervised; or is not receiving needed medical treatment
  5. A child who shows signs of or reports sexual abuse or has a sexually transmitted disease.

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Child Protective the death

by FabulouslyInfamous

If you need a social worker dont use Kara Rexwinkle or Kristin Fuller of Topeka Ks.They work for TFI Family Services. They are incompetent social workers who contributed to a childs death this year maybe you seen the article recently in the Topeka Capitol Journal. They screwed up an entire familys life .They looked past the evidence and kept a child in an unsafe home.
If you know somebody who is involved with this agency be sure that they dont get these two incompetent bitches to handle the case they might kill your kid too!

How does Child Protective Services Work?

by litllady

I know I have posted 2 other ads but I cant seem to find any help. My ex wife was reported to Child protective services for he use of weed, asking my 11 year old daughter to take a pic of her boobs and put them on her myspace page, letting our tow little girls sleep in the same room as her and her boyfriend who by the way is not even allowed to see his children and has extensive drug/violence background, her own drug use, she doesn't take the kids to school like she should (almost 40 days missed last school year and the year before, 18 this year), amoung other things. At a meeting that we had last week with SS she basically acted like nothing was a big deal and changed her story about the boyfriend 2 times and lied about him

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