Social programs


Program Highlights

VIA's programs engage participants in a well-rounded experience. Activities help participants explore model organizations, apply new knowledge and develop their own potential. Below are snapshots highlighting a few of our past participants' favorite experiences.

Visits to Social Sector Organizations:

During the program, you will have the chance to visit leading social enterprises in the San Francisco Bay Area. Meeting the people behind the organizations allows you to be exposed to the different innovative models that are working in the field. One of our participants' favorite organizations is Delancey Street Foundation, the country's leading residential self-help organization, where residents come with a history, often of crime and addiction, yet leave with a future and hope. You will have the opportunity to hear directly from residents who have gone through this transformational experience and also enjoy dinner at their social enterprise restaurant.

Social Innovation Workshops:

Our world's pressing social issues are extremely complex, and often times traditional methods do not solve the problems in an effective and sustainable way. Through workshops in creativity and design thinking, students work in cross-cultural teams and gain hands-on experience in developing innovative solutions. Workshops also help students gain a deeper understanding of social issues and adopt a social entrepreneur's mindset. Get ready to open your mind, gain many skills and have a great time!

Reflection & Dialogue:

Reflection is one of the most important pieces of making the most of new experiences. Many students have found reflection and dialogue time to help them understand and process their new ideas, challenges and mindsets more deeply. As we work together to cultivate a strong community of diverse and thoughtful changemakers, the space to reflect and hear each other's different perspectives is truly valuable.

Community Events:

The strong community that is created throughout the program is something that many participants treasure even after they return home. In addition to the great conversations and memorable moments that happen every day, one of the participants' most treasured experiences is the V-talk, where participants have 3-5 five minutes to share anything. Past participants have learned about each others' dreams, their life stories and their passion.

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Plenty of social programs.

by beezerd

I may have been unclear - I said she'd confided to having past drug abuse, she just got fired from a drug rehab counseling position. I don't know, I only suspect that those problems may be the reason she's in her current situation. There are some agencies who recruit recovering alcoholics in alcohol recovery clinics. This may be the case with her, but as I said, I hardly know her. If we had more of a history I could form a better judgment.
I did make recommendations/referrals for all sorts of social assistance, all of which she's already aware of - much of this is knowledge is in our field of study

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Social programs don't depend on bitumen  — Times Colonist
To suggest that bitumen is the bulwark of Canada's social programs is an affront to every taxpaying Canadian not employed in the oilsands.

'Not all about the bloody return': how social programs affect employees  — The Guardian
In 2013, volunteers build a home in Joplin, Missouri. When employees feel they're contributing to a better world at or through work, they tend to be more productive and effective on the job.

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Lottery inequity more than made up for in other social programs  — Boston Globe
Tom Keane's June 10 op-ed “Lottery winner: the rich” claims that the Massachusetts Lottery is a reverse Robin Hood, taking lottery receipts from Chelsea's poor and doling out the money to rich towns such as Weston.

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