Social Justice degree programs

Dr. Lee welcomes Mr. Christian into the Criminal Justice Honors SocietyWhether you are an experienced professional in the criminal justice field or a recent high school or community college graduate considering a career in criminal justice, the Social Justice and Criminology Program at Delta State University has something to offer you. Delta State is unique in that it provides students with both small class size and matches each student with a faculty advisor to oversee their progress through the program.

The Social Justice and Criminology Program at Delta State offers a Bachelor of Science designed to provide students with a strong foundation in justice and law, ethics, and criminological theory, as well as focusing on how the criminal justice system in the United States compares to those in other countries.

Electives are available to strengthen your academic understanding of policing, corrections, the legal system, juvenile justice, homeland security and terrorism, family violence, psychology in the criminal justice system, sex crimes, homicide, drugs, and gender, as well as many other special topics in the faculty members’ areas of expertise.

Students must also apply their classroom knowledge in real world setting by participating in an internship program. The internship program allows students to gain experience in a criminal justice related field of their choosing, and can lead to future employment in that field. Examples of careers students can pursue with a B.S. in Social Justice and Criminology include local and federal law enforcement officer, victim advocate, correctional officer, substance abuse counselor, vocational instructor, parole or probation officer, juvenile probation officer, investigator, and many others. This degree also prepares students to go on to graduate school or law school.

If you are interested in a degree in Social Justice and Criminology, we encourage you to contact one of the faculty members listed on this page. Each of them would be happy to talk with you about our program of study and your future in the program.

The following courses are required in this major:

CRJ 300: Criminal Justice Policy & Practice
CRJ 407: Criminal Law
CRJ 438: Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
CRJ 455: Ethics

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