Programming a Social Network

Since I share non-auto tweeted “From the Archives” Brainzooming blog links as part of our social media content strategy, I was intrigued to see how others reacted. For the most part, people challenged the social media guru, saying already-published blog posts can still be quite relevant. They enjoyed both seeing reminders to valuable information they had missed and readership from people checking out their own older blog posts.

To me, this was just another example of a social media guru calling out something he does not do as “wrong” because he “allegedly” does not do it.

A Different Point of View about Your Content Strategy on Social Networking Sites

My philosophy on sharing already published blog posts was shaped by a long ago NBC slogan for its summer reruns: “If you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you.” Sharing previously published social media content seemed a natural since:

  • There are well over thirteen hundred historical, not particularly time-sensitive, blog posts on Brainzooming
  • An incredible number of people globally have Internet
  • There’s a slightly smaller, but still incredible, number of people who have never been to the Brainzooming blog

For all the discussion you hear about old models not working in this completely new era of social networking sites, TV networks have been experts in attracting eyeballs through providing compelling content for decades. To a great extent, the content marketing model simply extends a TV network model to other organizations as they become content creators, aggregators, and sharers to build their own audiences.

A TV Network Model for a Social Media Content Strategy

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