Army Social Worker Program

Army MSW logoThe Fayetteville State University Department of Social Work has partnered with the United States Army to establish a Master of Social Work Program at Fort Sam Houston, Texas in order to meet the military’s increase demand for social work officers and Department of the Army civilian practitioners. > Read More

Program Overview
  • Army MSW Program was created to serve as a force multiplier.
  • Program applicants are equipped to practice social work in a military community during their MSW and phase II internship
  • Program includes 2 phases:
  • Academic phase 1 (14 months)
  • Internship phase (24 months)
  • Students incur a 5 years and 2 months service obligation
  • Establish slots in the Army-Fayetteville State University (FSU) MSW program for active duty enlisted, commissioned officers, and civilians seeking to become active duty Army social work officers.
  • Compete with other USAREC accessions to fill up to 30 program slots.
  • All applications are pre-screened by the Army MSW Program at AMEDD Center & School prior to being reviewed by the USAREC selection board.
  • Once the selection board approves applicants, selectees will be approved by Fayetteville State University for admission.
  • Congratulations to our faculty and graduates at the Army-FSU MSW program. The Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment has devoted an issue to Military Social Work and Behavioral Health. Aptly titled "Special Issue: Social and Behavioral Health in the Military: Responding to the Needs of Soldiers and their Families in the Post 9/11 Environment." The Army-FSU MSW faculty involved with this journal include: Dr Norma Jones (Special Edition Editor), Dr Larry Applewhite and Mr Reginald Howard.

    Inaugural Graduation One article features COL Derrick Arincorayan, the Social Work Consultant to the Army Surgeon General, Dr Applewhite and two Army-FSU MSW graduates: MAJ Erica DiJoseph and CPT Audrey Ahlvers along with MAJ Mangindin. It is titled "Army Social Work: Helping At-Risk Soldiers Come Home" which discusses the screening of deployed soldiers at risk for domestic violence, depression and posttraumatic stress disorder. This article describes the process employed by the team to conduct the mission and strategies to assist at-risk soldiers.

    Dr Norma Jones featured a wide-range of articles that illuminate the many challenges that have confronted our service members and their families during the period following 9/11. All of the authors have extensive personal experience working with the military population. She also coauthored "Caring for the Child Soldiers of Guantanamo". This article discussed how military behavioral health personnel are confronted with unexpected opportunities to provide behavioral health interventions during their course of duty. She had the first hand opportunity to work with Afghani child soldiers in a therapeutic way. She presented this article at the "Children of War" conference in Salzburg, Austria.

    AMEDD Center and School Cohort I

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    by engltchr

    The Salvation Army and other church groups in the area (6) have short term housing assistance or hotel voucher programs to help the homeless while they look for "permanent" housing or await government assistance. They can all help guide a woman to other aid. BUT they may also (churches) push for adoption. It's a crap shoot who will be your "case worker" since it is all volunteer church folk who are mainly untrained and may impose their opinion as "must dos".
    The best thing our area has is Prototypes. A "treatment" program for abused or addicted mothers that also will house those who are simply homeless moms

    Are there any food banks you can go to ??

    by gdaisy

    If not then some churches do have food programs and also sometimes help with bills. Look up Lheap. or "energy assistance program " and put in your state in google and they can help with I think up to 300 dollars of energy bills. I think you can walk in with a shut of notice and get immediate help but i forger where one is supposed to walk in . the web site will tell you. United way also helps w/ bills food and sometimes rent. They work in association with the salvation army .
    not sure if you are up for it or able or feel safe about it but you can also try bartering for food on C list

    Ethical tensions and dilemmas experienced in a northern Ugandan social work internship.: An article from: Journal of Social Work Education
    Book (Council On Social Work Education)

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