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The Presentation Brothers in Ireland have invited the National Board for the Safeguarding of Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland (NBSCCCI) to review the safeguarding practices of the Presentation Brothers. The on-site work of the reviewers took place on Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th January 2014. The National Board is currently...
Read More » Each province of the Presentation Brothers has a Child Safeguarding Policy. In addition,there is a Congregation level policy document. Congregation level Child Safeguarding Policy Anglo-Irish Province Child Safeguarding Policy Our Lady of the Americas Child Safeguarding Policy West Africa Province Child Safeguarding Policy
Read More » We are committed to following the guidelines set out by The National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church (NBSCCC). These guidelines are published on the website have also published "Child Safeguarding - Protection Policy and Procedures" (pdf) providing details of current practice. The policy is due for review in 2014.
Read More » Towards Healing is a Counselling and Support Service for survivors of Institutional,Clerical and Religious abuse,funded by the Catholic Church. It replaces the Faoiseamh Counselling Service which has been in operation since 1997,and which has provided face-to-face counselling to over 4, 000 persons during that time,as well as Helpline...
Read More » We are committed to implementing the appropriate national guidelines for dealing with complaints relating to child sexual abuse,and will respond to the best of our ability to any person who comes to us with a complaint. Accordingly we have appointed a Child Safeguarding Designated Officer in every unit of the...
Read More » Previous Statements Reponse of the Congregation of Presentation Brothers to Minister Quinn's statement of Tuesday 5th July 2011 re costs of response to redress The Congregation of Presentation Brothers looks forward to dialoguing with Minister Quinn on the issue of costs incurred by the Response to Redress. In addition to €3m of...
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Safeguarding children
Safeguarding children

Continued (The comments section is great, too)

by Darwinian_Devil

Neal apparently hasn’t checked with the U.S Supreme Court, which spoke to this issue in a 2000 decision that grew out of student-led prayers over the loud speaker at football games in Santa Fe, Texas
There are legal ways for students to gather for prayer, but this isn’t one of them, according to the Supreme Court.
The court ruled the prayers illegal because school authorities had made religious conformity the price of attending school athletic events. The court concluded that the district’s public prayer policy delivered a dangerous message that non-believers ”are outsiders” in the community and “encourages divisiveness along religious lines of a public school setting

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