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Hope this is helpful. However, don’t get too carried away with learning off reams of interview question answers; see also for advice on tackling interview preparation. The also has possible questions for different types of post: Headteacher, Deputy Head, Assistant Head and Teaching Assistant.

On another Forum, Joe Blair said the following:

We got an expert to put together some interview questions for a teacher position. They are aimed at primary schools, but might still be useful if you are at a secondary.

Suitability to the role

Why did you apply for this particular role?
Why did you choose to teach this particular age range?
What are your core strengths?
What are your weaknesses?
What can you bring to the role that other candidates may not bring?

The school and staff

What makes a successful school?
What importance do you attach to co-operation with colleagues, such as those who are teaching parallel classes?
How would you cope with a lack of enthusiasm from colleagues?
What is your impression of the school/organisation?
How do you feel about parent helpers in the classroom?
How would you work with a teaching assistant in your classroom?
Do you find it difficult working alongside older, more experienced staff?
What is the most difficult piece of feedback you have ever had to give, and why?
How would you react if a senior member of staff queried or criticised some aspect of your teaching?

Teaching and learning

What is your understanding of high-quality teaching and learning?
Describe a good lesson
Describe a lesson that did not go well. What were the reasons for this?
If I came into your classroom, what would I see?
Describe the teaching method you find most effective
How would you organise teaching and learning for a mixed-age group?
Do you differentiate between outcome or task?

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