Hospice Bereavement Benefit

One of the many benefits hospice provides is access to bereavement services. Bereavement counseling offers emotional, psychosocial, spiritual and support services to assist with issues related to grief, loss and adjustment both before and after the death of the hospice patient. Services begin as soon as the patient is admitted to the hospice program, and continue for 13 months after the death.

A support group can provide a helpful and supportive atmosphere for some people. Faith Hospice offers a number of support groups — some general and others more specific.

For those who need more intensive, short-term grief therapy, individual counseling is an appropriate choice. Bereavement staff is available to meet at your home or at the Faith Hospice office.

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You may want to consider hospice care for your father in which you will get much needed support and 1 year bereavement. There are social workers & chaplains who are highly trained to deal with your current situation. Although you may be a distance away, most hospice companies have 800 numbers to communicate with hospice staff when needed. They can also connect you with local grief meetings. You may also want to speak with your personal physician for a counseling referral, or even utilize the Employee Assistance program ( for counseing) which many employers offer as a confidnetial benefit.

Hospice Services in Long-Term Care: Benefits for the Family and LTC Staff
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