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Bereaved children: We need to

Hello, my mom in law has recently lost her husband and has received in the post from hmrc the above form. she has completed to the best of her ability but we are stuck on one section.

There is a section called "Savings income" on the back page. It has boxes to fill in for "total estimated interest (after tax) for this tax year " on Taxed bank/bsoc interest. When she went to her bank to get a note of the interest they told her to leave this bit blank as the interest is below £70. I was wondering if anyone knows if this is correct. I know you dont have to include ISAs but dont know if this £70 "rule" applies to any interest on any account she holds with the bank/bsoc.

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A little clarification

by AuroraBlue

If you got severance, you won't get UI benefits until it runs out. they cannot reject your claim if you don't apply for a different position at the company, but they could if you declined to accept an official job offer. the HR guy is just following protocol, is required to tell you that you are welcome to apply for other jobs within the company since your position was eliminated. the company could be sued if he didn't.
same thing happened to me a few months back. didn't bother to apply for other jobs within the company, already knew it would be a waste of time as that was what got me laid off in the first place